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Immunity Cells

2 series of studies conducted on 20 mongrel white male rats (10 rats in each series): control (C) – in intact animals and with the simulation of acute hypoxia (OG) by placing rats in a pressure chamber for 1 hour, lowering the pressure in 2-3 minutes up to 308 mm. Hg. Art. GNYCUC is often... Read More »

Solar Park Investments

High yields implemented interesting and very high-return opportunities of investments investments by solar Park in Italy by the renewable energies. Possible return of up to 12.9%.The Italian solar parks to convince on the security and the payments. Initially, photovoltaic systems have been developed to produce eco-friendly electricity from renewable energy sources. (Not to be confused... Read More »


Puscheln what keeps this stuff! We all know the Tamacochi of the new age that our is always crazy, but I found now what’s new in the Internet, which is actually not bad at all by the idea. It’s called also real-time strategy game. The wool farm it comes through your being Puschels wool millionaire.... Read More »

Neurological Points in the Body

Prof. Michelangelo gave a seminar concerning neurological points in the body where through a series of techniques Neurological implementation plasma within the muscles and nervous systems of the body. The study of the bottlenecks in the martial arts goes back to ancient China, a detailed study of the human body and the flow of ki... Read More »

Shelf Test According

Ma-control – shelf test according to DIN EN 15635 and BGR 234, – inspection of ladders, kicks and driving scaffolding BetrSichV and BGI 694, BGV D36 ZH1 / 157 – examination of ladders, kicks and driving scaffolding BetrSichV and BGI 694, BGV D36 ZH1 / 157 ma-control regalpruefer24 – Rotenburg – Hamburg Oldenburg – Bremen... Read More »

Dominate Las Situations

One of the greatest satisfactions of someone, then is a speech, when he achieved most importantly in the present who understand the message and make it yours. Think like him achieve that degree of communications possible, just mastering some simple secrets, but necessary. On many occasions we have an idea which, at the time we... Read More »