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Jose Luis Gimnez

This facet will be most important, because all apprentice of Chamn will need not only the guide and to proof of the Chamn teacher, but that it will be the transpersonal approval of its internal guide or protective spirit, who will enable really it like so. The Chamn through its faculty to enter itself in... Read More »

Religion and Health

I know that it is difficult to pardon when we are victims of an injustice for people without the minor escrpulo in its attitudes. However, we need pardons them so that Mr. also liberates on us the pardon of our sins. The Christian experience has taught in practical that ours &#039 to me; ' devedores'... Read More »

Peruvian Amaznia

It must wait that the menstruation stops, to come back to the normal activities of the pajelana. Or then, it must wait until the menopause, when if ‘ ‘ hominiza’ ‘ (expression used for MOTTA-MAUS, 1993), that is, if she is similar to the masculine natural state, without menstrual cycles, for then exerting its dom.... Read More »


Carried out only once she does not lead to the desired success however. Meaningful alternatives set as a medium – or long-term programs, which can easily be integrated into everyday life. Of course to success: with TEA-toxing the advisable alternative to food supplements and expensive chemical agents is tea. As a detoxification only with sufficient... Read More »