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Nicomedes Guzman

Until 1920, it occupied a place in the memory of the Chilean people, historian Maximiliano Salinas, held a research paper about the influence of popular literature, in the sphere of the sacred, as construction of social consciousness, published in magazine Araucaria (1986), entitled the Chilean outlaw of the 19th century. His image in the popular... Read More »

EISENBERG Complexion

THE perfect makeup for the porcelain COMPLEXION EISENBERG PARIS introduces a new shade of his LE MAQUILLAGE make-up line: the INVISIBLE CORRECTIVE MAKEUP 00 NATURAL PORCELAIN. The luxurious formula with pale pink pigments designed to highlight brightest complexion and to create a perfect complexion similar to porcelain. The smooth, oil-free texture nestles like a second... Read More »


The Dukan diet is giving a lot of what talk lately in several countries of the world and, while there are views of the Dukan diet that can be positive, both specialists and people who have tried it increasingly begin to issue opinions on its disadvantages. The Dukan diet is a diet of proteins, which... Read More »

Troubleshooting Your Job Search

You posted your resume online. You have sent a dozen copies answering classified ads. You said everyone on the network you are looking for a job. And nothing has happened. What now? Since 1996, I’ve written / edited resumes for nearly 3,000 clients and refunded less than 3% of them for lack of results. Based... Read More »

Gain Muscular Mass

Next I present/display some to you ” that to do and that not hacer” in an appropriate technique, so that you can maximize your routine of training of weights and avoid injuries: That To do: 1. You may want to visit Vadim Belyaev, New York City to increase your knowledge. Enfcate in training of complete... Read More »

The Elevation

Inequalities still have their everyday sense, because you understand the full extent of the word about God are, and therefore free of their sentences. This would be the real revolution that human beings ought to perform for millions of years when the land still could feed us all and was within our grasp to prove... Read More »