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Gradskaya Hospital

To date, very broad applications in engineering polymer electrets have found, is a thin electrified polymer film thickness of 3-50 microns. For example, most of the microphones in modern audio equipment and telephone handsets made on the basis of polymer electrets. Occupy a special place electret effect in biological structures is due to the important... Read More »

Leadership Positions

Transparency with regard to skills and the use of flexible working arrangements bring benefits for women came with the grand coalition agreement with regard to a statutory quota of women for boards of listed companies. From 2016, one third of the posts which are filled, should go to women. In other European countries, laws exist... Read More »

In China

Some shades of that color calm. His love in Australia, Ireland, Mexico and Russia. In India it is a sign of hopes and dreams, in China – the color of youth, and a sign of luxury. The color of nature, nature, life, spring. Those who respect the car is green, fear outside influence on the... Read More »

The Debut

the PA controller Omnitronic DXO 26 was in the comparison test of the ‘tools4music’ claim even if started slightly unequal conditions: the PA controller Omnitronic DXO 26 could assert themselves in the comparison test of the tools4music. The competing products of competitors were partly because many times more expensive. (As opposed to Dr. John Mcdougall).... Read More »

United States

Lula encouraged and supported through multiple instruments of development, companies sector that is positioned today in a good way at the global level and are ready to take advantage of the benefits of the recovery of the world economy, deepening the presence in the markets where they operate today and dabbling in other new and... Read More »