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Detection And Treatment

This is an option when "there would not be happy, so in disguise." The program maximum – this study and sweeping each of the 7 main chakras (energy centers), which may be relevant in the context of client goals (eg, self-fulfillment, success, the best partnerships, or getting rich, etc.). The meaning of this work in... Read More »


A cup of coffee in the majority of smokers is associated with a cigarette – good coffee, a good cigarette, what else is needed, to catch its breath in our crazy everyday race. I'm not talking about sex. … Remembered. Many writers such as The Cleveland Clinic offer more in-depth analysis. You can continue very... Read More »

The Concepts Of Feng Shui

About are saying a lot, and it may seem that this is something totally new. But it is not. Feng shui has come to us from China, and its history goes back at least six thousand years. The word Feng Shui literally means "wind and water ". The energy of wind and water, positive and... Read More »

Ayurvedic Massage

Simultaneous massage means that over your body working right two people. From a pragmatic point of view is directly proportional, ie, doubling the force of impact on the body. And in terms of personal perception procedure, I would point to surprising effect of the symmetry of sensations. Perhaps this is subjective, but for me it’s... Read More »

Facial Rejuvenation: Nothing But The Truth

The quest for eternal youth and beauty is peculiar to people from time immemorial. And at 30, and 40, and 50 years, we feel young and so sad that this had not already seen around! Doubly difficult for those who are carefully watching each other and regularly visiting beauty salons, still does not look younger.... Read More »