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Acute Pancreatitis

surrounding tissue retroperitoneum and abdomen, and later transferred to other organs and systems. What is the cause of acute pancreatitis * Gallstones. * The systematic use of alcohol. Cardiologist may also support this cause. * Trauma. Acute pancreatitis can cause blunt trauma with rupture of the ducts, transaction handling, etc. * Viruses, worms, hypertonicity sphincter... Read More »

Heart Hospital

Common health problems and the structure of morbidity in the country forced the country to focus on spa treatment of cardiovascular diseases in low-mountain climate station Kislovodsk having vysokokonditsionnymi carbonate waters – Narzanov. Soon after the organization of the institute in Kislovodsk spa was opened Heart Hospital of vi Lenin and began planning the study.... Read More »

Research Institute

But unlike natural endorphins, heroin can create extremely high concentrations at the points of application (opioid receptors). If you compare their own endorphins with a key to the lock, then performs the role of heroin crude, but effective pick. He is a long time if not forever change the thresholds of opiate receptors and last... Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD

What Is ptsd? This is a mental disorder that runs outside, very strong disturbing development, in contrast to many other psychiatric disorders. ptsd – a condition where you can not stop the painful memories of experienced helplessness and horror that occurred in situations involving serious injury, death or threat of physical integrity. Many people have... Read More »

Information About Drug Use

Developed and patented method (patent for invention 2290947) based on the use of infusion soluble products of immune system cells – cytokines on a background mode psychosensory deprivation (isolation of the patient from any external stimuli). Gives a striking result. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Preventive Medicine Research Institute. Craving... Read More »

Papilloma Infection

Often papilloma combined with other sexually transmitted diseases. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Martha McClintock on most websites. Possible intrauterine infection. Newborns are infected by the mother at passage through the birth canal. Among the possible mechanisms of infection with human papillomavirus child considering: probable (as it passes through the birth canal, ascending... Read More »

Paratyphoid Diseases

More clinicians middle of last century, noted that there are individual cases and occasional outbreaks of typhoid fever, characterized by a short course (up to several hours “- Botkin), easy, and sometimes peculiar clinical picture. In the same period the attention of doctors to pay a flash “typhoid” related, apparently, with the reception of poor-quality... Read More »

Diving Center Intelligent Supply Bottleneck

Now in the supers, the sun rises so slowly go diving. Sunlight much needed for the body’s natural production of vitamin D3 is no longer sufficient to produce sufficient amounts of this vital vital substance in the skin. Thus related also the calcium will be metabolism affected. Current figures show that approximately 9 out of... Read More »