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Association Clinics

Second, revised edition of the patient guide ‘ aesthetic surgery premium clinics & practices 2013’ is now available for sale just four months after the patient’s aesthetic surgery premium clinics & practices 2013 “the second revised edition now on sale is available. Who does really serious work in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery?... Read More »

Germany Cochlear

I trust things me so, that I myself otherwise not would have dared. I like a challenge. But I’m not sure whether I would study English today without the CI. Or, if I did then for example a study period at a hearing impaired school in Kenya. With the CI I know but I can... Read More »

Dental Experience

A vast experience in technical textile associate to nylon, which makes that there are highly specialised in their production professionals will need to produce dental floss used as instrument of oral hygiene. Nylon chemical properties such as uniformity, elasticity and resistance to abrasion and tension, in fact make Nylon fiber material suitable for manufacture of... Read More »

Harmful Effects

Madrid, April 26, 2011-the Spanish Association for quality acoustics (AECOR) held this Wednesday 27 April the international day of awareness about noise that highlights the recent study conducted by the World Health Organization in March 2011, which has determined the noise as the second most damaging factor for health, after the noise pollution. The report... Read More »