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Clinical Symptoms

On the other hand, in the lack of the clinical picture, only the positive examination does not have diagntico value. (TONELLI, FREIRE, 2000.) The hemograma presents, with frequency, leucitose moderate, the times with shunting line for the left. The cefelorraquidiano liquor is normal, the same occurring with electrolytes. (TONELLI, FREIRE, 2000.) The acid-basic alterations are... Read More »

Cell Phone

In today's world, such a stormy and crowded the latest technology, an indispensable attribute of every human person is the image of a cell phone. For some it is an attribute of power to someone else – something that symbolizes the glory and attribute well, for some – a toy and entertainment. The benefits of... Read More »

Work For Youth

The lack of education puts at risk the future El Dr. Benito Calcagno, an expert in the law of labor and human relations, anticipates the future of the youth of the Argentina, given the current lack of adequate education and how to remedy it. The lack of proper education leads to a generation of unskilled... Read More »